Balance your energy, reconnect with your soul and live a happier life

Do you feel stuck or lost in life? Are you trying to change your life but it seems like you keep repeating the same unhealthy patterns over and over again? Attracting people and situations that make you feel UNHAPPY, POWERLESS, DISCONNECTED or UPSET?

Are you dreaming of happy relationships, fulfilling work, prosperity and great health but find yourself depleted, depressed, stressed, overwhelmed and anxious instead?

Tarot Reading & Crystal Healing

I use Tarot Readings, Healing Crystals and my crystal clear intuition to help you balance your energy, reconnect with your soul and ultimately live a happier life.

Soul Care Coach and Crystal Healer

I’m Daniëlle, a (com)passionate and experienced Soul Care Coach and Crystal Healer who has helped so many people just like you heal from TRAUMATIC OR DISEMPOWERING EXPERIENCES and regain TRUST and DIRECTION in their lives. I do this by using my three MAGICAL TOOLS; the TAROT, HEALING CRYSTALS and my CRYSTAL CLEAR INTUITION.

I am based in Amsterdam, Europe and offer my services both in ENGLISH and DUTCH. In person or via skype.

Tarot & Crystal Healing inspiration for free

I so get that you may want to get to know me a little bit better before working with me.
If so, please do check my Instagram page, where I share tons of valuable TAROT & CRYSTAL INSPIRATION for free daily.

You can also contact me via e-mail for any questions regarding my services.

Wishing you many crystal blessings!


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